Why Quality Online Content is King

Content is a fantastic way to explain your company and offer information to potential clients about what you do. After all, this is precisely why you offer handouts and list bullet points during presentations, right? However, content — specifically online content — can have a substantially larger role in your company than just that. In fact, the strategies you employ can impact areas such as sales preparation, analytics, and selling your products and services. Here are a few ways content it can be more than just an informational hand out.



With business to business field sales diminishing in today’s world and inside sales rapidly increasing, today’s Internet content can be used as a way for your company to prepare in dealing with potential clients and customers. The first thing it can do is to create a strong presence for your company online. In the cyber age, a company without an online presence can be deemed as having less credibility or transparency than those who are easily found and it offers potential clients an opportunity to research you. Having content online can allow for a screen share between friends and on social media, and promote online interactions, offering potential customers more information about the company so they aren’t getting their first introduction when contacted by your sales team. Readers can associate your company with their need before the need even arises.


Quality content is important for more than marketing: It can be a strong instrument when selling. It reduces time necessary for the sales team to create information to send in communications with potential clients. If content is readily available, they can send it in e-mails during follow-ups, and even during meetings. When information is requested, it is no longer necessary to wait to send it. Instead, by having it at their fingertips, they can get information passed through while the interest is still hot. Is there a situation where you have customers who need renewals? Having ready-made content can be used in regular updates showing fresh and ongoing changes in your company. In addition, online content can be used to draw potential clients to your site to view important information that you want them to see without coming at them in a hard sales manner. But be careful and avoid the pitfalls of lengthy presentation decks


Finally, the content that you put out there can assist in learning more about the people utilizing your services or products. You can identify which topics your audience is most interested in and which themes are resonating with them over time. This can help you understand whether concerns are present as well as immediate needs. The sales team, as well as the company as a whole, can prioritize focus. This can help with both short term and long term goals and assist with strategizing. It is a more immediate form of collecting information as opposed to the surveys and analysis that were done in former eras that can take extended periods to fully understand. For instance, if your company has implemented a specific promotion or plan and the analytics are showing there has been a misstep or something is not working, an instant tweak can be done instead of waiting for final numbers.

Quality content can make or break today’s companies and should be regarded as a necessary tool in successful business. Understand how to make content work for you and you can make huge strides in creating bridges with potential and current clients.


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