Why Is Wireless Technology Is Taking Over

With the introduction of wireless technology, getting online has never been easier. Homes, businesses and those in the leisure industry are adapting to the demands of a wireless generation, as wi-fi continues to change and enhance the way we live and work today.

Wireless technology, more commonly referred to as wi-fi, is streamlining the way we live and making our daily tasks both easier and quicker to complete. In contrast to the old way of accessing the web, where cable providers offered a variety of broadband packages via dial-up, wireless technology is exactly how it sounds – wire free. With the latest laptops, tablets and smart phones already wi-fi enabled, all you need to get speedy internet access is a wi-fi hot spot.

Working in a similar way to the mobile phone networks, wi-fi lets you get online wherever you are, providing you have an appropriate link. Many homes already make use of the technology with their home PC, but its popularity has grown significantly in recent years and you can now find wi-fi available in universities, schools, businesses and airports. The leisure industry is also following suit and you can often find free wi-fi on trains and in hotels and cafes.

Due to increased demand for wi-fi access, the broadband industry has become quite competitive and in many cases you will be able to log into wi-fi for a very reasonable cost, or very often for free.


Having wi-fi access can make getting online quick and easy, as well as allowing uploading and downloading of data more efficiently than dial-up or a 3G mobile-broadband connection. It has also changed the kinds of technology we use, with a big increase in the numbers of tablet computers such as the iPad, laptops, notebooks and smart phones.

Because getting online is so much easier with wi-fi enabled technology, there have been major changes in the way we work, rest and play. For businesses, the advantages of wireless technology are many. Having staff that are constantly on the go can often mean down-time while travelling or when away from the office. With wireless, staff can have better access to their office networks and email and can get work done even when on a train, for example, or staying in a hotel while away on business. It has also offered people new choices about the way they work, with flexible hours, working from home and freelancing becoming popular options. Home offices with wi-fi access can make use of all the same programmes and software found in the office.

Speedy internet access also means instant access to the latest news and current affairs, as well as the ability to find the information you need in a mater of minutes, such as local taxi numbers or the best restaurant to book.

Keeping in touch with family and friends has never been easier either, with access to software like Skype, which offers free VoIP calls between computers from wherever you are in the world. Photo-sharing sites and blogging are also popular for families who live some distance apart.

And how would the nation cope without our current obsession for social networking? Wireless technology allows us instant access to sites such as Facebook and Twitter, so we are able to take photos or videos and upload them quickly and easily for others to view.

Whether we like it or not, wireless technology is everywhere and, without us even realising, has changed the way we work, socialise and access information. The cable providers may not have seen it coming, but wi-fi has quietly become the one must-have technology for both home and business and will continue to become more useful in the future.

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