Which is Best? – Content Marketing or Link Building

In online marketing, content marketing and link building are two separate online marketing or SEO tactics and both are dependent on each other. Professionals even say content marketing and link building are vice-versa. Well before moving further it is important to know what both these concepts are actually.

Content Marketing

content-marketingContent marketing is a process of creating valuable and quality content to attract target customers with an objective of driving profitable customer action. Mainly content marketing involves educating customers about their product and service which improves the customer’s understanding and site’s traffic and rank. The intention behind content marketing is of changing or enhancing consumer behavior.

The efficient content marketing promotes business among the target customers as it makes consumers to be loyal with them through their valuable and quality content. You can even say it is a practice of creating informational and creative material that is relevant and interesting to potential customers with the aim of drawing loyalty and future business from them. It is a quickly growing and targeted method of marketing which brings great business and potential profit to their customers. It has seen that quality content marketing bring quality links to the website that eventually enhances the business. On the other hand quality content marketing generates links automatically.

Link Building

SEO-Link-BuildingLink building is a part of SEO and basically it brings relevant, inbound links to your website. It becomes important in the SEO profession because of two reasons. Firstly, it brings relevant traffic to your sites and gives a chance to present whatever you’re offering to your specific audience or market. Secondly, the relevant links increase your page rank that provides more clicks and exposure. As a result, marketers and companies are paying big time to attain those key links to authority sites or high PR Rank pages.

Similarities of link building and content marketing

Although link building and content marketing are two different strategies of SEO then also they carries few similarities that makes them complementary to each other.  Both work to target specific audiences and a staffing level to support proper integration. It is assumed that specific audiences are going to be interested in specific products. Each phenomenon selects channels and content that will specifically address the needs of target customers. Hope are there that content can drive the audiences to specific actions beneficial to the marketing strategy such as opt-ins or direct sales. To some degree or an extent content based on satisfying the interests of the audience members.

Differences of link building and content marketing

In link building goal is to produce keyword rich content that presents itself to both mechanized methods of the search engines as well as the human consumers of content. While in content marketing the content is used to address the needs of the human consumer. For indexing the search engines rely less on text-anchored keyword analysis and underlying meaning of the content and its social engagement.


A large number of companies have turned to be innovative for their products and brands into something that people actually want to see the demand for not just good but excellent content marketing. It has exceeds for smaller companies as well thus content marketing is best in current scenario in the eyes of business advertisement as well as for search engine  optimization too.

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Here author highlight some crucial points about the most confusing topic that content or link building which should be carried for correct SEO optimization.

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