Vital steps to creating a successful affiliate marketing strategy in 2016

It is true that the landscape of affiliate marketers has changed considerably throughout the last year. From strict legislation for the affiliates, to Google’s cracking down on affiliate content and an increase in the level of competition on Internet, it is becoming excessively difficult for all the affiliate marketers to move ahead in the competition and stay afloat. In spite of all this, there are many smart individuals and companies who continue to generate millions by staying ahead of others. So, what are the steps that you should take in order to organize your affiliate marketing strategy. Check out the list mentioned above.


  • Take an extra step to prove yourself: There are many novice affiliate marketers who commit the mistake of taking an extra step in order to dominate multiple niches in the initial few years. Whenever you start hearing that your friends are making millions of dollars from Clickbank products, it is very tough to stay focussed on a single niche. The price that you pay for losing focus is that you will have a portfolio of 25 websites in multiple niches with a poor domain authority generating almost nothing new sales. So, you should first start off with a single website and then start going deeper.
  • Create excellent content: One of the biggest challenges faced by the affiliate marketers is the requirement to prove their value as middlemen in between the value chain. Their capability to be agile and act fast with content marketing is one of their greatest opportunities which can add value. Brands have to spend months in approving the strategy of their content, affiliates can easily create content of high standard and the competitors won’t be able to compete with such content.
  • Build a valuable brand: It is not at all a surprising fact that the brand bias of Google is gradually strengthening. For many affiliates, this is a concern as they didn’t require building a strong brand. If you take a look at some of the leading sites in travel, insurance, personal finance, you will note that there are many sites which are affiliate sites but they’re also strong brands. Hence, you need to build a valuable brand in order to stay strong.
  • Be ready for mobile: In 2014, November, mobile accounted for 48% of affiliate clicks and 28% of affiliate sales. In what way does this impact an individual affiliate? In case you’re directing traffic to websites which are not mobile friendly, you will be losing lot of possible commissions. Google has even started putting a stress on contacting mobile-friendly websites which play a vital role in shaping your affiliate marketing campaign.

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