Useful Tech Apps for Students and Teachers

Apple recently suggested for the iPad mini, a tablet that claims to be in the classroom is as indispensable as the ruler or pencil sharper. Whether it will come to that remains to be seen. What is certain is that a tablet or smartphone is much more than just a fun but pricey gadget. The beneficial uses are endless and it is always possible to get all your personal documents and countless sources of information … if you have the right apps for you, at least … anywhere access

That’s why we put here ten useful apps for students and teachers in a row. Click on the icons and put it to your advantage!

Zite, with you discover the internet in magazine form. This excellent app automatically sets a chosen topic a nice looking magazine together the most interesting news articles on the web. A similar app is Flipboard, which also updates of social media like Facebook and Twitter displays in the magazine.

Socrative, with this handy tool you increase the interactivity during class. Offer polls, multiple choice, goed/fout- or open questions. Students can reply via their tablet or smartphone. The results are immediately online, including statistics and any explanation of the correct answer.

Dropbox, share files with others, view and edit your documents wherever and whenever you want, … If virtual USB stick is Dropbox become virtually indispensable for every student. Anyone who registers with its HoGent address anyway get at least 15 GB of additional storage space.

Pocket, An interesting article on the web but no time to read it completely? With Pocket you click an item in a store, web page or video on. What you’ve saved you can also see later offline.

Kindle, about tablet as an e-reader can not avoid Kindle with its huge range of (scientific or not) e-books, newspapers and magazines from the Amazon store. Alternatives are iBooks (Apple) and Stanza , including that offered by the more than 40,000 free books from Project Gutenberg.

Prompters, with prompterous you make your tablet a teleprompter. Very useful during lessons, presentations or lectures: you write or import the text and let that flow while you speak. No more blackouts!

Ever note, a versatile beast, this app. You can simply use it as a notebook during class or studying but it is also an ideal app to organize all your documents and store. Interesting websites or other digital material

ITunes U, Lifelong learning can nowadays from your lazy chair. The internet is awash with free access online courses volatility level. iTunes U with its huge database of free courses and learning materials from renowned institutions such as Harvard and Oxford University in any event a winner. Also noteworthy is Khan Academy that manages to explain. Most complex cases from using simple videos

IWork, what is Office for PC, iWork for iPad. Pages is the word processor, with Numbers you create spreadsheets andKeynote make in a seesaw the best presentations. Drawback: the iWork apps are only available in the Apple Store. The free appCloudOn is a great alternative that allows all your PDFs, Word, Excel and Powerpoint documents can open and edit.

Educreations, Use your tablet as an interactive whiteboard. The entire lesson is recorded step by step. The movies then shared with the class via the app. Also create tutorial videos is a breeze with Educreations.

With the exception of iWork (Pages, Numbers) and Prompterous, these apps to download. Already free The Stanza apps, iTunes U, iWork and Educreations are only supported by Apple.

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