The Importance of Backing Up: Millions Still Don’t Get It

While the Internet and computer systems are still relatively young as we know them (believe it or not), we’ve been talking about the importance of certain tasks and processes for some time now – one of which being how essential it is to backup your work and files, saving them in more than one place to try and prevent disasters from occurring which cause you to lose everything you’ve worked so hard on or all the files you cherish so dearly, like photo albums.


If you’ve spent hours working on one specific file like a piece of coursework for school, a University essay or an important presentation for work; it can be disastrous when your computer crashes, and even more so when you finally get it back up and running only to realise you’ve lost every single one of the 5,000 words you’ve written. Now think about how disastrous it could be if you lost all of the files you’ve ever created on your machine – unthinkable, right? That’s why companies encourage staff to save their work regularly, use data backup services from Databax or you’re encouraged to buy an external hard drive or other form of storage like a USB stick.


The reason often given by people who haven’t backed up their work is “I only had a little bit more to do”, while excuses like “I’ve never had a problem before” and “I didn’t have time” are also common; but think about it from the perspective of a business owner.


If you’re being paid to create content for a living and you lose a piece of work for a client with a tight deadline, the chances are that you’ll be in big trouble with your employer for failing to hit that deadline and, essentially, you’ve produced nothing while you’re getting paid. Not good. It’s also not great when you’re being tasked with creating a client pitch that you lose the night before your meeting and you end up losing the deal because of it. If this has ever happened to you, I’m sure you already backup your work religiously now.


When companies are dealing with large amounts of data and masses of files, a lot of them turn to the cloud. It’s just not sensible – or possible – to store everything on computers because one theft, fire or flood and the whole lot is gone, and if someone gets hold of your client’s confidential information it could also spell the end for that contract, if not all of them and, consequently, your business.


Often the best solution is to store the data away from the premises, either in the cloud or through an external data backup company who will store your crucial data on their banks of huge servers capable of dealing with and processing the information as and when you need it, sending it back to you within a few seconds as if it was a file saved on your own machine – some are so good it’s almost seamless and you wouldn’t know it was stored hundreds of miles away.

If you’re not backing up your work, you HAVE to be. I know it makes it sound like school, but if you’re not saving your work every half an hour or so, you risk losing the lot by pressing one button at the wrong time completely by accident or by leaving your laptop or tablet on the train or bus home you risk losing all of your client’s data… it really does make sense to backup.


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