The Frustrating Things Other Drivers Do

The Frustrating ThingsThe world is full of annoying people. If you really want to see where they are, take your car on a highway or some busy road and you will find them easily. People drive so irresponsibly and carelessly that they do not even realize that they can even harm other people. The only thing that can give them a lesson is a police attention or the visits to court. Here are some of the annoying things that you might have seen on road by different people:

Striking lights in your eyes

It would have happened to you number of times when the car coming from opposite side would have spotted the headlights directly into your eyes, hence making you completely blind. I have no idea what people think while doing this. Do they consider that everyone has new Mercedes model that has night vision mode. Striking lights in the driver’s eye can be extremely dangerous. It can result in an accident with a pedestrian, animal or even with an object. It makes the other driver completely blind.

Driving fast on wet road

High speed on wet road cause main problems and makes other drivers brain nervous cells hyperactive. The drivers driving fast on wet roads do not realize that they would not be able to apply any breaks and have to suffer a lot in case of a bad situation. They are dangerous for themselves, other drivers, pedestrians, and public property. There must be some law about driving slow during rainy days.

Using cell phone while driving

Using cell phone while driving is the most dangerous thing and can result in swear accidents. Harvard researchers have found that 1 out of every 20 car crashes involve use of cell phones, but people still do not learn anything unless they face such accident. Thanks to the automakers and smart phone application developers who are bringing in voice technologies. However, people must consider that they are not using cell phones but are playing with other people lives.

Unorganized traffic at roundabouts

Everyone wants to cross the roundabout first and here the probability of accidents increase. These roundabouts are dangerous especially when there are no signals on the adjacent roads. People rush from different sides and hence end up hitting someone car.

Indicator repellent Drivers

Yes, these people are repellent to using indicators, maybe to save their car battery. They might not realize the cost that they have to bear in case of an accident. Indicators are very important especially in Metropolitan areas. The roads are faster and people are in a rush. Many drivers cause accidents due to less use of indicators.

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