Should You Spend Money on a New Games Console in 2013?

Every year gamers eagerly await news of the next big games console releases and sometimes we go years without any blockbuster console releases to talk of. Since the release of the Xbox 360 and Sony PS3, things have been relatively quiet, but 2013 promises some extremely exciting news for gaming enthusiasts.

Enter the PlayStation Orbis

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The PlayStation Orbis is a the latest edition of the PS3 to be offered to gamers, and although it is not an entirely new console (with the PS4 not even being given a release date yet) it is an upgrade for gamers who are keen to get their hands on some new hardware. One of the key features being touted by Sony is that its hardware will be more robust and infinitely more powerful than the standard PS3, allowing for more online gaming capabilities and a much more powerful screen resolution. This new screen capability will be 3D ready, which means that as 3D games are created the console will be ready to take the lead in this area.

Xbox Next Generation?

The Xbox Next is the equivalent to the PlayStation Orbis in as much as it is an upgraded version of the 360 rather than a ‘new generation’ console. It has some nifty features that will be sure to get gamers eager to see more, including lots of new internet gaming options assessable at DSL Internet Providers and some non-gaming apps that will make the whole usability of the machine much more enjoyable. One example of this is the ability to log onto Facebook and other cool apps, meaning you won’t effectively need to use a PC or Laptop for such things.

Anything to Get Excited About?

Although it is great news that there are two major console releases planned for 2013, when you take away all of the marketing hype and delve down into the basic details of each release, it is difficult to find much to get excited about. Sure there are some cool new features being offered, but there are no major developments or jaw dropping gaming enhancements to talk of.  There may be some steady sales of these machines as they slowly phase out old models, but it is hard to imagine that gamers will be rushing to the stores to spend hundreds of dollars on these upgraded consoles in huge numbers.

Razer Edge to Cut Out Competition

It seems as though development of hand held consoles have come much further in 2013 than the traditional consoles, and there are some exciting developments to speak of. Microsoft are planning the release of Razer Edge, which is actually something to get gamers foaming at the mouth. This revolutionary new concept will be a hand held console that runs off the powerful Microsoft 8 platform and has touch screen capability as well as multi-purpose use as a games console, tablet, and laptop.

2013 is a year of innovation, and many experts are predicting that Razer Edge is going to take the gaming world by storm, effectively marking the start of a new generation of consoles altogether. Should you spend your money on a game console in 2013? Only if it’s a Razer Edge!

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