PC Monitoring Software: Desperate Situation Demands Desperate Measures

In this day and age when information technology has taken over the world, it is quite difficult to tell what exactly a person is going through because people are more inclined towards sharing their thoughts online rather than discuss it in person with their friends or family. This makes it hard especially for the parents to really understand what their kids are going through thus keeping them worried the whole time. Another major disadvantage of everything going online is employees wasting their precious time on social networking sites when they are being paid to work.

This led to the rise of PC monitoring software which helps employers and families keep track of the online activities of their employees and kids.


Why PC Monitoring Has Become a Necessity

The internet certainly has its fair share of advantages and disadvantages. Bullying, which was restricted to schools just over a decade ago, has now become a part of the internet as well and it follows the victims everywhere. Kids nowadays don’t like to discuss these kinds of issues with their parents and they just keep on getting hurt all by themselves.

However, with the help of PC monitoring software this problem can very much be handled in a timely and safe manner. Parents can install one of many monitoring software on their children’s computers and keep track of their online activities. This not only prevents any cyber bullying but also helps in identifying what kind of content children are accessing on a regular basis. Furthermore, monitoring software allows users to block certain websites which parents or guardians believe could affect children.

Monitoring is not restricted only to children though as there are several employers who believe in keeping a check on their employees and make sure that each hour they spend in the organization is spent on actual work and not on social networking websites. With monitoring software, employers are able to keep track of every single word that is being typed on the computer.

Isn’t PC Monitoring Invasion of Privacy?

Yes, it definitely is. Employers or parents in the aforementioned cases are keeping track of online activities of an individual, so, yes, the privacy is being invaded. However, if you look at it from the perspective of employer or parents, you can easily understand why they are opting to take these measures and why they are necessary. Employers want to ensure that every hour that employees spend in the company should be on the work assigned. On the other hand, parents just want their children to be safe from cyber bullying, pornography and online predators.

No one likes to be monitored, which is why it is very difficult to convince someone to have monitoring software installed on their PCs. Even if someone manages to force an individual to have monitoring software installed, he/she will find a way around it and the whole purpose of monitoring will be useless.

Monitoring, without telling the kids can work, but employers will have to be extremely careful if they do decide to install certain monitoring software in their organization. They have to inform employees about it because without any information, there’s a chance that someone will figure out that they are being watched and company can face some serious legal problems.

Right Tools for the Right Job

There are several PC monitoring software available on the web, you can just google them and find some reliable software such as Mobistealth, SpyAgent, WebWatcher, PC Pandora and a whole lot more. However, don’t go diving into one without any knowledge, as you must do some research to find out if the software that you are going for is the best solution for your needs.

Some of the major features that you should look for before getting your hands on monitoring software is how user friendly it is, if it can monitor all major networking sites, if it can block harmful content, and if it can report each and every activity performed online without much of a hassle. You must also see if the software’s creators have well-established help or support system in place.

There will always be some controversy regarding the usage of monitoring software as some people will favor it while others won’t. With an increase in social networking websites, more and more people are sharing their thoughts, opinion and information online and monitoring software are now the only way to see and know what an individual is interested in and what he/she is going through.

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