Newbie SEO Mistakes Everyone Needs To Avoid!

Search engine optimization or “SEO” can be a bit of a complicated animal to tame. There are so many variables involved that it can sometimes be hard to know which strategies are the best one for your website.


The good news is that there are plenty of helpful (and free) guides online that show you what to do. The bad news is that many newbies don’t follow them. As a result, they wonder why their hard work hasn’t paid off after several months!




If you’re new to the world of SEO, I urge you not to make the following rookie mistakes that so many people seem to make these days:


Keyword stuffing


Most people know that to rank well in search engine results pages, they need to have certain keywords on their pages. The trouble is; some folks add the same keyword over and over again in their content.


Not only does it look spammy to human readers, it also raises red flags from a search engine’s point of view too! I recommend using a keyword density checker to analyze your web pages. At the same time, you should adjust the repetition of your keywords accordingly.




It’s also a good idea not to use keywords that aren’t relevant to the page’s content. For example, let’s say your web page is about fishing. You wouldn’t put keywords on the page relating to Caribbean cruises!


“Links” pages


Back in the latter half of the 20th century, it was acceptable to create a links page on your website. From there, you would usually have a few or even dozens of links to websites that you might think would be of interest to your readers.




Fast forward to 2015 and that is something you should never do on your site! If you attempt such a practice on your website, search engines will devalue your content on the basis of it being spam.





Forgetting about other search engines


You might think that everyone uses Google as their primary search engine. But, did you know that plenty of people in the world use alternatives? Bing and Yahoo are just two of many notable examples.


According to TopHatRank, a surprising number of folks forget about the importance of ranking well on other search engines too. It’s worth remembering that in some parts of the world, Google is blocked for political reasons. As a result, people living in those regions may use a local search engine instead.


Using Flash


Adobe Flash was once a brilliant way of display interactive content on a website. Nowadays, it seldom gets used by people. First, the content in a Flash animation isn’t always easy for search engines to index. In fact, sometimes it’s just plain impossible!


Second, some mobile devices like those with iOS and Android operating systems cannot natively view Flash content. That means you end up alienating a huge segment of your target audience!


If you want interactive content on your site, opt for HTML5 instead. It’s easier to apply to a website and is supported by the latest versions of all popular web browsers.


So, now you know what to avoid when commencing your SEO efforts for your website!

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