Mobile Internet Usage Will Significantly Surpass Desktops in 2017

Mobile and tablet usage has been increasingly exceeding the use of desktops over the past few years. An article published by Reuters states that almost 75% of Internet use in 2017 will be from mobile devices. As smartphones are becoming quicker and easier to access, it is fair to say that the mobile web is here to stay. Mobile SEO approaches are becoming increasingly important to target wide audiences. Accelerated Mobile Pages and Progressive Web Apps may be the future of mobile web technology for effective digital marketing strategies. As websites are constantly being redesigned, using the latest technology is principal for enhancing user experience.

Mobile Apps and User Interactivity

Your content marketing strategies may be overlooking the advantages of mobile web. Mobile apps are becoming the new frontier of marketing due to technological advantages. Business owners may be surprised to understand the effectiveness of mobile marketing strategies. Research has found that adults spend around one third of their day on a mobile device and most of this time is spent scrolling through apps. People are beginning to find the ease of use for searching on a mobile device or tablet significantly beneficial compared to a desktop.

Mobile devices have greater interactivity for users. They have much more information to draw on in comparison to a desktop device including photos and geolocation. Information can be shared and accessed instantly with the external world, even when you’re not using it through notifications and reminders. For mobile search, crawlers use a version of Googlebot where the crawler can have the same user experience as genuine mobile users. Google does not judge mobile-friendliness on the entire website but on a page-by-page basis so it is important to make valuable pages mobile friendly and expand from there.

Search Engine Optimisation for Mobile Sites

If you’ve got a responsive site that is optimised for search then you will not need to make any changes for the mobile crawler. Site performance such as page load time will impact mobile search results. It is important to optimise your site to make sure that Google understands the connection between a separate mobile site and desktop site and t is worth testing the site speeds separately.

There are 3 key approaches to making a website mobile-friendly including responsive design (where the CSS rearranges page layout accordingly), RESS/Adaptive/Dynamic serving (where the server sends a version of the HTML according to the device being used) and separate mobile sites (which usually sit on a subdomain).


Mobilegeddon is Google’s mobile-friendly rankings update which impacted some websites directly and others indirectly. Google announced a 4.7% increase in mobile-friendly sites between announcing the update and when it was implemented. A new version of the update was released in May 2016 and will continue to update as there is a ranking factor impact over time.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

As the team behind AMP’s are constantly working to improve user experience. It is now possible to embed ads and create live-updating pages. With the ability for publishers to upload mobile optimised content instantly everywhere, it gives more autonomy to publishers to develop effective advertising.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

The new technology of PWA’s are one accessible web presence that can be used everywhere including a desktop, mobile site and mobile app. With PWA’s, you can visit sites in any browser with the same function as apps, therefore there may not even be a need for mobile apps. PWA’s bring the best of mobile sites and native applications with fast and engaging functions.

Many businesses fail to stay ahead of the ever-expanding mobile market or understand how the evolving advantages can significantly impact marketing strategies. An SEO agency such as Assertive Media can enhance the mobile site optimisation right at the build stage of a website to gain effective link building activity and social shares with an overall positive impact. Looking ahead, it is predicted that 2017 will be a major year for mobile web usage and most advertising is expected to come from mobile ads. Mobile search is fast becoming the future of SEO therefore it is important to ensure that crawlers can access and understand your content as technology is constantly evolving.

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