Making Money from an Unwanted Games Console

Making Money from an Unwanted Games ConsoleIf you or members of your family are gamers, the chances are you will have unwanted games lying around. You may even have an unwanted games console somewhere in the house.

If you are not using your games or consoles selling them on could net you a substantial amount of money. Gaming consoles, especially, are worth a lot of money. Provided the console is in working condition you can sell it.

Selling Your Console Privately

If you are selling privately, it is quite important that the casing is not too worn. You should clean the casing and cables. It is especially important to remove any stickers and make sure that you rub off any glue residue. It is also worth digging out the cables and accessories as well. If you still have the box, pack everything up into the box, including folding and tying the cables.

To most private buyers aesthetics will be important, so it pays to follow these steps. If you drag a ratty box out of the back of your cupboard, complete with spaghetti cables, a potential buyer to will not be impressed. The chances of their buying your Xbox are virtually nil. Make sure you give them a chance to try the box before they buy. They will feel more comfortable and will be far more likely to take your Xbox 360 off your hands.

If they buy, do not forget to see if they want to buy some of your games as well. It can be tempting to keep old games. However, ask yourself ‘if I sell my Xbox 360 how likely am I to ever play the games again?’ Then, you will see the wisdom of letting go of your 360 games at the same time.

Selling Your Xbox 360 to a Reseller

Some High Street stores will buy a used Xbox. However, not all of them will give you cash for your old console. They are more likely to offer you vouchers. This is fine if you want to buy something from the shop. However, you do need to consider what would happen if they went out of business. It is far better to get cash for your used gaming console. There are companies out there who will buy a used games console for cash. Look in newspapers, gaming magazines and online to find them.

Again, it makes sense to sell your 360 games at the same time as selling your console. Exact details of the new Xbox, which is to be released Xmas 2013, or early in 2014, have not yet been released. There is some doubt as to whether old 360 games will be able to be played on this new platform. However, if you are planning to buy the new Xbox, hang onto a few of your favourite 360 games just to be on the safe side.


Author Bio – Alisa Martin is a gamer who regularly writes about gaming and other subjects. She hopes you find it easier to sell your Xbox 360 for a good price after reading this article.

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