Is Oracle a Worthy Investment?

Oracle has transitioned from being solely a hardware provider to a major player in the cloud storage industry as well. Recent quarterly results might seem like a disappointment to some because hardware sales have been down, but this is only because Oracle is now putting a bigger emphasis on cloud services. It seems that analysts everywhere have had it all wrong, because Oracle actually nailed its fiscal results and did so in a lot of ways.

Analysts may be grumbling that revenues have dipped compared to what was achieved a few years ago, and they are pointing to the lower hardware sales as the culprit, but this is actually good news. Why is that? Because, as mentioned before, Oracle is now concentrating on cloud services and other software programs.


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Right in line

According to Oracle, their earnings now are in line with their expectations. They have also been able to lower operating expenses in the process. What the analysts are suggesting is that it is apparently a bad thing to manage your expenses in tough economic times. Analysts may be saying that Oracle is off to a bad start and that it is on the losing end, but they could not be further from the truth.

It is all good

You might be wondering, of course, how Oracle can say that poor hardware sales and a drop in revenues can be considered good news.

Well, Oracle has become a force to be reckoned with in the cloud computing industry. Management has worked hard to develop Oracle into a provider of cutting-edge technology in the cloud industry. Credit goes to them for this. Because of the emphasis given to these programs, revenues have doubled, and this includes cloud subscriptions as well as licenses. According to experts, the industry’s worth may reach as high as $240 billion by the year 2020.

Oracle’s status

The company’s balance remains very strong. Although its programs are a bit more expensive than similar software providers in the industry, companies all over the world choose to go with Oracle for their needs because they know that it will help them make transactions a lot easier for their employees, as well as their customers. It will boost their efficiency and also improve the workplace in many other ways.

It is important to take note that, after purchasing software from Oracle, training must also be provided to personnel so that they can make good use of the software. Companies often let TAM training provide Oracle training courses to help their workers take advantage of all the features of these programs. With the right training and implementation of Oracle software programs, businesses can increase their efficiency tenfold.

Give your business a boost, make management a lot easier, and help your company grow with the help of the right software. If you have the right help, you will be able handle more tasks, and handle them more efficiently.

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