How To Use A Mapping App With No Internet Connection

A decade ago, we didn’t have anything that would have helped if you were driving a car through remote parts of the world and had never been there before. You had to pull out a huge map and start reading it. That’s long gone but now we’ve got a new set of problems.

Now we’ve got apps that only work when you’re online. That doesn’t help much in our situation above. This does though.

MAPS.ME Offline Maps

maps me

So let’s get started. A pretty popular trip to take is from San Francisco to Los Angeles. There are a ton of different ways to get there. here are your options.

  1. Flying
  2. Car
  3. Carpooling
  4. Bus
  5. Coastline drive
  6. Interstate the whole way

If you’re not from the area, take the scenic route and follow the coast line. There are some seriously great views along the way.



There are also a lot of things to stop and do. You can see wildlife, camping, sunsets, whales and much more. The problem is, most of the drive down there isn’t covered with cell phone coverage. Surprising I know.

If you try and fire up Google Maps during one of those spots, it won’t help you at all.

MAPS.ME however, works on your phone and with the navigation GPS. Here’s how you do it before this trip.

Note, there are a bunch of different ways to drive down this coast, so the offline maps will save you from getting lost, probably a few times.

Step 1: Before You Leave

Before you leave, download the application from the apps store. It’s free.


Step 2: Download The Map You Need

Maps are organized by area of the world, country, and specific area or state. In this case, we need to grab the California app while we still have some wifi.


Step 3: Pick A Route And Map It

Once you’ve got the map downloaded on your phone, you’re home free. Now you can navigate, change directions, make stops, and do anything you want with the map. No internet required.


In this particular case, we suggest going to a few of the amazing places along the way. Here’s some notable ones:

  1. Big Sur Bakery


  1. Esalen Institute


  1. Julia Pfeiffer Burns Park


Step 4: Changing Routes and making Stops

This part is easily done with MAPS.ME since the platform is flexible to what you want to do. Just open up the app and chart a new direction, make a stop, or take a look at some interesting things along the way.


There is a lot more functionality to the mapping app. But this covers the basics on how to get from one point to another when you are offline. What’s interesting is that the amount of off line areas in the United States alone is pretty staggering.

I sort of figured there would very little areas in the States that aren’t mapped, but check out this coverage area.

Guess what’s in all the area not covered? All the good outdoors activities and parks.

Another great way to use the offline maps is while camping, biking or hiking. If you’re into outdoors stuff, then you know that a good mapping app is critical to getting where you need to go and in many cases, getting there in time.



When you’re outdoors on a serious trip, this become critical. MAPS.ME seems to really understand hiking trails well. You can use it for trekking amount some of the most remote places in the world, or at a park nearby.

We hope this guide gives a lot of insight to anyone who didn’t know this was possible or who is new to an area.

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