How to Boost Your Team’s Productivity Through Tech

Small businesses will be well accustomed to the types of pressures that go along with trying to run a busy operation with limited resources. For people working in or managing one, some of the biggest battles usually come down to remaining productive and efficient when it comes to the day-to-day. Managing a team, to help stay on top of things, is one way to overcome these types of barriers. If the team itself is happy, motivated and has the correct tools for the job, remaining productive becomes much less of a worry.

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Utilising tech to boost a team’s productivity though can produce even greater miracles. Upgrading the traditional, slower way, of doing things with more modern solutions can really help cut you apart from your competitors. Here we take a look at how you can do exactly that.

Office Communication

Supplying your team with reliable workstations to connect and remain in contact with each other is a great way to spike their productivity. Invest in decent hardware and you can then have your team instant messaging each other through Skype or using a local network to share and work on projects together. Find out more about the types of solutions available and get them installed in your workplace so that your team can check each other’s status and progress as well as pass on important documents and files.

Video Conferencing

As your business expands and requires people to physically move around more and more, one solution that tech offers, video conferencing, can prove extremely useful indeed. Through software that enables you to conduct offsite meetings and training sessions while remote, your business will lose time postponing and cancelling these critical junctures to ensure that everybody is in one place. Kitting out a conference room with a screen that enables people to see who they’re communicating with and the types of files and projects they’re discussing is hugely beneficial to speeding up the timeframes of projects and getting more work done.

Cloud Management

Using the cloud to upload, store and manage files can also supercharge the productivity levels of a business, especially if you have to meet clients in different locations often and are dependent on showing them things you’ve prepared in your workspace. Arriving somewhere without physical access to data is no longer an issue and won’t delay you so as long as you use the cloud. Doing so also puts you and your team in the advantageous position of being able to work from home or abroad too.

ERP Software

Employing software that enables your organisation and team members to automate their processes and centralise data is another great way to get those productivity levels up. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is a management system that helps to filter out redundant data and centralise files and folders so that a team is able to easily find and interpret information faster.

Using technology to help improve your productivity levels can really help make the difference between you and your competitors. Employ the aforementioned advice today and you’ll be surprised how quickly you can start seeing results.

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