How Technology Affects the Medical Industry? – In Simple Ways

Undeniably, technology is considered as one of the greatest discoveries or inventions of all time. It makes things easier and possible. If not all, majority of the industries make use of technology to aid them in various ways. One sector that benefits much from the continuous advancement of technology is the medical industry.

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Flash Back Before Technology Innovation

Back in time when computers are not yet born, patient’s files are manually stored in a filing cabinets. Just imagine how many folders are there inside the cabinet to accommodate hundreds of files. Before, it usually takes a few days or even weeks to find out the result of a medical test. Thus, the patient will have to wait longer before he/she can get the needed treatment. If you want to set an appointment with the doctor, you need to be in a long queue or to come back some other time be entertained – which means wasting much of your time. And the list goes on and on.

Present Times – Computer Age

Since the introduction of technology, a lot of things has changed in this industry. Works become faster and easier. Diagnosis and results become more accurate. Several maladies become curable. Treatment becomes less invasive and dangerous. We can really say that so many things are now possible because of technological innovation.

Indeed, technology has a huge impact in the medical industry. Here are few simple yet notable changes that are brought about by technology.

1. Better Way of Treatment – Medical industry uses state-of-the-art machines, apparatus and devices to treat people. By simply looking at those machines, it is very apparent that technology had made the treatment process a lot better than before. Some treatment procedures are even made less painful, which means less suffering. Furthermore, a lot of medicines are now discovered to treat various illnesses that were considered hard-to-deal back in time. Technology provides us advanced equipment that can easily diagnose ailment before it gets worse.

2. Improved Work Efficiency – Gone are the days when health providers need to jot down patient’s information manually and compile hundreds of folders in the cabinets. Doctors and nurses are now using computer databases to save and retrieve information. It will no longer take more time to check patient’s medical history and records. Hence, it saves time allowing health providers to take care of more patients. Considering that details are saved electronically, some institutions allow their patients to access their own medical records, such as lab test results and medicine orders.

3. Faster Means of Getting in Touch with Doctors – Mobile phones are good example of technology products. With just a few taps on the phone, a patient can easily talk to his/her doctor anywhere, anytime. If you are on the other side of the world, it is now possible to make contact with medical professionals from the other part of the planet. For instance, if you have a medical-related question, you can quickly get answers from medical practitioners around the world using the Internet.

Another medical breakthrough that is of great use today is medical alert device. This device enables user to immediately alert healthcare providers in case of emergency. No need to rush to the phone to make a call. With just a press, user can get the needed help in shortest possible time. That is why, many people with health problems use medical alert system, like Medical Guardian, to aid them.

In general, technology has saved a lot of lives and improved the recovery chance of several people who are suffering from any disease. As technology continues to evolve, medical industry will likewise continue benefiting from this trend.


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