How law firms are growing online

Gone are the days of dusty local law firms or massive, national offline market leaders. Today, the law business is much more diverse. Not surprising given that the internet provides a perennial means for sourcing new clients and cases. For law firms to succeed in a competitive online marketplace they must remain agile, with a serious focus on marketing.


Whether targeting consumers or businesses, a modern law firm can make serious headway online. You can consider doing this in-house, the problem with this is that it distracts from the running of the firm and can be very costly. Luckily, there are loads of companies out there that are offering a complete digital marketing service, often at extremely affordable rates, with measurable returns on investment.

However, when talking about digital marketing for law firms traditional outsourced marketing companies might not do the trick. The target market is often to specific and the services too specialised. Don’t worry though, companies like AGW – Law Firm Agency offer a specific and tailored service for law firms that takes all the benefits of traditional companies but with the added benefit of industry knowledge.

Let’s look at a few of the digital practices that are helping law firms to grow:

PPC– Pay per click has some significant advantages over organic SEO. Through Google AdWords you set specific budgets and, through keywords, are put at the top of Google when searches are made that are pertinent to your chosen keywords. This is particularly useful for law firms who are targeting specific consumer problems. The success of this is dependent on how well chosen your keywords are and PPC experts are well-versed in the kind of language that is effective. One of the draw backs is that it can be tricky to measure how much of this traffic converts into revenue and that PPC is generally considered more aggressive than SEO by consumers.

SEO- Search engine optimisation does exactly what it says on the tin… minus the tin. Google uses a complicated and constantly evolving algorithm to organise rankings of website listings. The hallowed page one of Google search results is the only place where you will get a significant increase in traffic. The goal of SEO is to get you to page one using a strategy of implementing key words and link building so the search engine gives you precedence over your competitors.

Web Design- Sometimes Web Design is an overlooked aspect of digital marketing. If you are spending time and resources driving traffic on to a poorly designed or buggy website, then you are wasting your money. People are discerning when choosing a law firm and are easily discouraged by glitches and clumsy navigation. A contemporary, effective website is an essential investment.

Lawyers are one group of professionals that are making money online, but as the market becomes busier it is necessary to get digital savvy to gain an edge.

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