How Did That Even Happen? 7 Worst Ways to Break Your Phone

Cracked iPhone Screen
So your cell phone committed suicide by jumping out of your hand and onto the subway rails. Or, it was the victim of a tragic accident in the bathroom. You’re not alone in your grief. Here are a few ways phones break, as well as ways to help prevent it from happening again.

1. Bathroom Blunders

Don’t use your cell phone in the bathroom. A crazy number of cell phones die by drowning in the toilet when their owners lean forward and the phones slide out of bags or pockets. Or worse, the owner is talking on the phone while in the loo and discovers that he doesn’t multitask as well as he thought. Don’t set your phone down on the toilet seat or sink while you’re showering or bathing, either.

2. Carefree Leisure Hours

Don’t use your phone when you’re in the pool and don’t take it with you to the beach. Don’t put it down on the lawn when you’re sunbathing, because if you forget it, and it rains later, it may die. Don’t set your cell phone down on a bar counter or a restaurant table —especially if you’ve been drinking. You don’t want to make calls when you’ve been drinking, anyway.

3. Dropped Calls — Literally

If you’re walking along, holding the phone in one hand and a bag or briefcase in the other, you’re setting yourself up for a dropped phone. If you must use it when you’re walking, keep it tethered to your belt or bag so that if it does get away from you, it doesn’t shatter on the ground.

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4. Heat and Freezing

Your cell phone can die of heat stroke or cold, and if you leave it in the car while you shop at the mall, it may. On a hot day, temperatures inside a closed car can top 100 degrees — temperatures hot enough to damage the inner workings of your phone. Freezing temps and high humidity can also damage your phone.

5. Children and Pets

A toddler looks at your cell phone and sees a toy. Your dog looks at it, and sees something he might want to eat. If you don’t want to walk into the living room to see your little brother beating your phone on the floor or your Doberman cracking it between his jaws, set it on a high shelf, or better, in a locked drawer.

6. Laundry Mistakes

When you’re doing laundry, take a second to check that pants or shirt pocket, because your cell phone may still be in it. Don’t cram your cell phone into the pockets of damp or wet clothing. Water damage is an easy way to say goodbye to your phone, even if it comes out looking clean and smelling like your favorite detergent.

7. Malware and Viruses

Get a security program for your cell phone. It may protect your phone from malware or viruses that could kill it. Also, be careful about which webpages you browse on. Try not to visit sketchy webpages. Have a set routine for what pages you use for different tasks, and if you can, limit your use of the browser by using dedicated apps for different needs.

If you take a few common sense precautions with your cell phone, you can make sure it lives to see another day. Be careful, and remember to think about how your actions may affect your expensive gadgets!


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