Gadgets To Add Security Measures at Home

Security is a primary concern of most homeowners. Safety is priceless – no value or price can equate when it comes to this matter just ask people with jobs in criminology.

Crime rates related to burglary has amplified over time. Burglars often break in during nighttime; but in some cases, they sneak in during the day when nobody is at home. That is why, a lot of homeowners these days install security devices to help lessen incidence of break ins. Are you thinking of increasing security measure in your own premises? There are numerous kinds of security devices available in the market, which give you several choices to decide on what suits your needs. Here are a few of these high-tech security gadgets.

Surveillance Camera

Back in time, only big businesses and other establishments make use of surveillance camera to secure their areas. As technology continues to evolve offering more powerful yet affordable security devices, many people are able to use these gadgets to secure them. Surveillance cameras serve as eyes of the homeowner. A security camera monitors and records activities happening in the surrounding where it is installed.

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Cameras come in various styles and sizes. If you are looking for a good camera, check the resolution along with its other features. Some surveillance cameras have low resolution producing distorted images. High-resolution cameras can give you crisp and clear captures. In case of break in, police can easily identify the burglars through the camera recording. There are firms offering surveillance installation service. Prices may vary according to type of cameras and service.

Automatic Dog Barker

Do you have a dog? Many homeowners have pet dog at home for companion purpose. Others have dogs to watch over the house. Maybe not all, but most burglars are scared of dogs simply because canines make loud noise when they bark. If your dog is big enough, it can shoo away robbers.  For those who have allergies and cannot afford to have a live dog in their own house, an automatic dog barker is a good addition to strengthen security measure.

Dog barker is a device that turns on then gives off a barking sound just like a real dog. When it detects motion, the machine automatically turns on and produces a warning bark. If the intruder does not go away (detector sense if there is still motion), the bark gets more aggressive and even more ferocious.

Door Intercom with Video System

Intercom is often used to communicate within the house specifically if your dwelling is too big. But, there are already houses that install outdoor intercom which functions like a doorbell but more high-tech. Through this device, anyone outside can directly talk to the people inside to inform who they are. In case you want a more advanced type, you can opt for the one with video system. You will not only be able to hear a voice, but can see him/her as well.

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This device can help you recognize first the visitor before letting them in. Burglars usually observe first the house interior to determine a possible entry. Sometimes, they pretend to be salesmen offering anything to take a peek inside. Thus, it is important not to let anyone you don’t know come in your home. So, an intercom with video helps you identify if you know the person or not.

Improving the security measure in our home may require us to shell out certain amount of money. However, keep in mind that security device is a practical investment to help keep our family safe. Big or medium-sized houses, apartments in Dallas or NYC, buildings in the main street and almost every corner – installing surveillance cameras can help reduce burglary incidence.


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