Frequently Asked Questions about Local SEO

One of the big internet services that are being offered on the market today is local search engine optimization (SEO). This is perhaps the most beneficial service that any business that focuses on a local market could take advantage of. SEO itself has long been used and is the process and strategy that is used to make sure a website ranks highly on Google and can hence be found by visitors. It is a prolonged, complicated and involved procedure that essentially mains page ranking and authority is raised. It is an absolutely vital tool in terms of making sure a page is found. Local SEO takes this process a step further and focuses not just on global page rankings and authority, but local ones as well. However, there are likely to be a number of questions that you would want answering before you decide to invest in this type of SEO. Hopefully, the following questions and answers will be of benefit to you.


1 – Why Is Local SEO Important?

Before local SEO came into play, a website had to be registered and you would have to perform various general SEO actions in order to be able to get your website noticed. This meant that you would have to approach different search engines, directories and more to link to your site. Nowadays, it is a lot easier thanks to local SEO.

Basically, it means that if someone is looking for a product in a specific geographical area, only those sites that actually operate in that area will be found. The search engines will only recognize your site as one that operates in a geographical location if it is locally optimized. Even if a national or global website has invested massively in their general SEO, you could still be found ahead of them if someone performs a local search.

2 – Why Is Local SEO Now so Popular?

Basically, because online shopping is becoming more popular. People do still want to support their local economy, but they want to do so online in the main. They want to make sure, therefore, that any product or service they buy is located reasonably close to home. In fact, they often even research a store that they intend to visit physically online first.

3 – What Is Page Rank?

This is essentially a program that Google uses to give your page a value. You can rank anywhere between 1 and 10, with 10 being the best. Lots of factors influence your rank, including how many links on other websites point to yours, the content of your website and how exclusive you are.

4 – How Does Local SEO Improve Page Rank?

This is thanks to a system known as SERP. SERP – search engine results page – is what gives pages their ranking. Those who focus on local SEO are picked up more frequently by SERP, which in turn increases their ranking. An increased ranking leads to more traffic, and more traffic leads to an even higher ranking and so on.

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