File Sharing: What You Need To Know

share-main_fullWith the recent invention of the Cloud, many people are looking into file sharing as a way to share files with multiple devices. Before file sharing, the only way to share a file with someone else was through email. Now you can share files with either one person or many people and devices around the world. Before you decide to use file sharing for your home or business, there are a few things you need to know.

Types of File Sharing

There are two ways to share files and each comes with their own security risks. The first choice you have is peer to peer sharing. This type of sharing can cause legal issues if you have copyrighted files located on your computer. The second type of sharing is server based sharing, also known as cloud sharing. This type of sharing allows you to select specific files to share and who can see them. Most people use the cloud to share files between their multiple devices without having to email files to themselves. Many businesses choose server based sharing for security reasons as well as the ease of use.


One company you can choose to host your server based file sharing is Citrix ShareFile. They have multiple ways to allow you to securely share files with others in your company. You can select which files you wish to share as well as who would like to share them with. When selecting files to share, you want to avoid files containing personal or copyrighted information. Security is very important when sharing information within your company, especially if you are sharing information about projects that are currently being worked on.

Make Sharing Easy

Many times you will be working on a project or assignment with people from a different location which can make collaboration difficult. File sharing can allow you to share information easily without date size restrictions that most email servers have. In addition to being able to send files easily, file sharing with Citrix ShareFile allows multiple people to work on the same files simultaneously without interfering in the other person’s work. Many server based file sharing companies also allow you to share software through a secure network. This can save your company time and money you would usually spend on multiple software licenses as well as purchasing software for new employees.

Backup Your Data

In addition to sharing files over a secure server, file sharing programs can also be beneficial for individuals. Instead of using an expensive company or an external hard drive, you can back up all of your data to the secure file sharing network. Many server based file sharing networks allow you to password protect your account, preventing unwanted people from gaining access to your information. When backing up files using this method, you will want to be sure that you are the only one able to access these files, especially if they contain personal or copyrighted information.

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