Essential SEO Practices to Help Optimise Your New Business Website

For small business owners just launching their new business website, it can be a daunting prospect knowing how to rank their website within the search engines. With the recent algorithm updates changing the face of SEO, online marketing companies have received a lot of bad press. Many small business owners are weary of signing up for monthly SEO contracts when they may know very little about the practices being carried out. The penguin update created a lot of negativity around SEO with many SEO companies using link building practices that were eventually targeted by the penguin update and as a result, client websites were penalised. SEO practices have changed and business owners are actually more aware of what is involved in ranking their website online through online research. Whilst most agencies are seeing that SEO is more sustainable as part of an overall inbound marketing strategy that pushes other channels such as social and content marketing, small business owners can use basic SEO techniques to help optimise their own websites online.


Quality content

Providing quality content on your website will be the foundation of any successful marketing strategy. Having a blog on your website is an essential tactic that can help your website provide regular and fresh content. For people searching for information in the search results, they are more likely to stay on your website if they are finding what they are searching for and are engaged. Content marketing strategies can help a business owner find what questions their potential customers are asking and provide the right content on their website. Once visitors land on your website and engage with the content you have provided, other strategies can be implemented such as conversation rate optimisation to help your visitors become buying customers.

Building quality links

The penguin update released last year by Google really put a focus on link quality rather than quantity. Getting lots of low quality links was a relatively easy process through link networks and other low quality link building practices. The algorithm update penalised sites that had been involved in or used such practices which in many cases was the SEO companies acting on the behalf of their clients. Building quality links is now more important than ever and blogger outreach and guest posting are current link building tactics that are widely used for building quality links. The process can be very time consuming and resource intensive and there are many companies who offer these services.

The process works by sourcing and searching for quality and trusted websites that may accept guest posts. The next step is to reach out to the blog owner and make contact with them and pitch a content idea. Blogger outreach is about relationship building where Quality content is the primary focus of guest posting. Once the pitch has been accepted, small business owners can then write the required content and have this published on the blog owner’s website with a back link in return. Sourcing quality and trusted websites can help build quality links naturally to your website which is based around the provision of quality content. There are also other benefits that include getting your content out to new audiences and also even driving visitors to your website. Blogger linkup can be one blogger outreach platform that new business owners can use to get started.

For business owners wanting to get started with optimising their website, focussing on quality content and building quality links will be two vital steps of a successful SEO strategy. Of course a longer term and effective strategy may require the services of an SEO company and there are many other important elements such as social, search, and conversion rate optimisation that will form part of an overall online marketing strategy for sustainable success.

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