Choosing an Internet Provider for Website and E-Commerce Hosting Sites

When it comes to choosing an internet service provider (ISP) for your business, you may well require it to be able to host your website and/or your e-commerce site.

You may also decide to use your potential new ISP for the actual development and design of your company’s website. Therefore these will be at the forefront when it comes to choosing your provider. We’ve listed some other things with this in mind that you should also consider when making your choice.


The server software

Any internet service provider that offers a website hosting service as part of their deal will be able to host a simple website. If all that you need is webpages that will display info, you won’t need to worry too much about the complications. It can get a little more complicated if you need a more sophisticated website, e.g. one that provides a search facility, or that allows customers to buy products online using a secure payment system.

Bandwidth and speed considerations

It’s fair to say that your website will require a fast internet connection. This is determined by what is referred to as the bandwidth – the amount of data that can be transmitted and received by an internet connection.

Lots of ISP offer competitive bandwidth options, yet one of the most advanced ones can be found from Exponential-e lease line. According to their website they offer; ‘Flexible Bandwidth Management (A3) – where you can view, manage and control your Internet traffic via web portal. Manage your employees web-browsing activities. A company with 50 employees, each browsing social media sites for 1 hour per day loses 1000 hours per month in productivity, costing £10,000 per month. Exponential-e’s A3 service pays for itself in less than one month’.

E-commerce requirements and options

For e-commerce sites, you’ll need things like shopping cart and e-catalogue software, and additionally you might need online access to database applications.

It’s really important that you have a secure server, as this is a necessity for the receipt of payment information, including credit card details and Pay Pal logins. You will need to rigorously check the security controls and features that are in place with the ISP.

Ongoing management and support

You need to ensure that the internet service provider (ISP) can provide a fast, secure and reliable service on an ongoing basis, and that you’ll have a good level of customer support available should any problems occur.

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