Benefits of Dedicated IP Web Hosting

web-hostingYou must have heard of shared hosting but dedicated IP hosting is still in covers for many of us. It is also known as static web hosting. By choosing dedicated IP hosting, you get your own dedicated IP address, which only you can use in your website server space and domains. Otherwise, there are no major changes in dedicated IP hosting. Just like with any other web hosting, your visitors will be able to access your website and retrieve information in the same way. However, with dedicated IP hosting, the pace of your website will amplify multiple times and so will the security.

There are many web hosting companies offering dedicated IP hosting you just have to choose your web hosting program and opt for dedicated IP hosting. Once you complete the payment process, you will obtain a dedicated IP address. Along with a dedicated IP address, web hosting companies also allow uploading files and sensitive data to your own secure web space. The option of dedicated IP hosting is the best for those who run a larger business or own an eCommerce website, which needs added security. As mentioned before that a dedicated IP address will give you an enhanced security. This means that you will be able you deal with factors like spamming and attempts of accessing your site without your authorization in a better way. Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, you will also get added flexibility in creating and controlling your website. The web hosting company should also hand over your SSL certificate and an anonymous FTP client. The SSL certificate is a major factor in building the reputation of the website. By an SSL certificate, you give your clients a guarantee to shop without any hassles and that they can make transactions without considering the security factor. An anonymous FTP client will allow your users to share information across the Internet in a peaceful manner. The dedicated IP address is just like a piece of prime real estate over the Internet. This is the reason why the cost of dedicated IP hosting is higher than ordinary web hosting program. However, you can avail the benefit of the competition between web hosting companies and get services suiting your funds.

Just like selecting any other web hosting, you need to stay aware while selecting the web hosting company for hosting your website. You need to study carefully, which company is fully capable to accomplish your requirements. You should consider factors like after sales service, customer care, technical care assistant services, the experience of the company and last but not the least, the up-time guarantee given by the company. You can check the website of few web hosting companies and compare their plans. You can also check the cost and select the company that offers least expensive plan with maximum features. Review websites are also very helpful in selecting the best company and by a small amount of research; you will be able to get the best web hosting company for your website.

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