An Overview of the Work of a Ruby on Rails Developer

Ruby on Rails is one of the world’s best known web application development frameworks. It operates by using Ruby programming language. The system is often referred to simply as ‘Rails’ or ‘RoR’. Either way, it is a completely open source framework and the programming language is orientated on objects. It is used by developers to create powerful web applications that are both complete and simple, as well as having high functionality and being highly interactive.

All about RoR

Ruby on Rales uses the Model-View-Controller Design Pattern. This pattern is one of the favorites for a Ruby on Rails developer due to the fact that it uses CoC (Convention over Configuration) philosophy as well as DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself). Additionally, it is very closely associated with the methodology of agile development. The system has a number of very clear advantages, with the most obvious one being the agile nature itself. This means that what would take someone months to complete on any other platform will take just a few weeks if they use the open source Ruby on Rails.

A Brief History

David Heinemeier Hanson developed Basecamp and Ruby on Rails was extracted from here for the first time in July of 2004. It immediately became popular because it works so well with many different web servers. As such, it is not just user friendly, it is also highly flexible.

Features that Make Ruby on Rails Popular

Ruby on Rails has many different features, and some of these are unique to the framework. It is these very features that make it so popular with open source developers and the wider open source community. Some of the true standout features include:

  • It is very easy to develop an application as the methodology is very easy and only very little coding is needed. As a result, it completes much quicker as well.
  • It integrates Smalltalk’s conceptual elegance with Perl’s pragmatism. At the same time, it is as easy to use as Python and the learning concepts of this platform.
  • Because it is completely open source, anyone is able to develop web applications that are backed by a database.
  • The web solutions are very easy to deploy when using Rails. This is also due to the fact that it works across a range of services and databases, even if they implement Fast SGI or CGI.
  • It is fully supportive of a range of different databases, including Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, SQL and MySQL. Plus, Ruby on Rails programmers are always trying to make sure the applications are more user friendly and work better.
  • The system does not require a compilation phase.

Thanks to RoR, it is possible to quickly develop new applications and this is one of the main reasons as to why it is getting so popular so quickly. Developers are able to create elegant and robust applications in a way that is less troublesome and far more efficient. Best of all, the system just gets better and better.

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