7 Tips to Increase Your Instagram Following

Instagram has become one of the most popular social media networks in just a span of a few years. More and more people are using this social media platform for either personal or marketing needs. The community has grown to a huge degree and there are currently over 500 million active monthly users.


To boost your online presence, you need to be visible enough for people to notice you on any social media platform that you choose to you. In order to be able to do this, you need to be reaching out to your followers and be active on these platforms.

If you choose Instagram as your preferred social media platform of choice, you will need to learn how to increase your followers and create a bigger network. The following are tips you can use to use Instagram as effectively as possible.

1. Hashtags are important and must not be forgotten.

Hashtags make your posts become more visible. Your account needs more exposure so be sure to choose the right hashtags. You also need to make sure that the hashtags you are using are relevant to your business and brand.

2. Organize contests for people engagement.

For better or worse, a contest requires participants, which will likely come from your current list of followers. Fortunately, through word of mouth and social shares, you can also attract new customers. This is why contents are one of used approach by other marketers. By liking, sharing or commenting, get that bigger community be more involved.

3. Choose your brand ambassadors rightly.

Like traditional marketing, your brand needs endorsers and influencers. There are many advantages for you when you choose this guide. Here are some of the ways that brand ambassadors can help augment your brand:

Ambassadors humanize your brand

Ambassadors spread good news about your brand

Ambassadors create a strong reputation for you

Ambassadors reach out to more people

Now, how do you choose the right ambassadors? You can start looking for one by contacting an Instagram marketing service to fit your needs and connect you with the right ambassadors.

4. Post videos

A recent social study revealed that Millennials are more likely to watch videos than to read. So if you want to catch their attentions, posting a video is a great move. Make sure that the video is relevant to your company or your brand to grab the right kind of followers.

5. Consider your posting schedules

Depending on your industry, there are times that it makes more sense to post on Instagram. Make sure to do research about your target audience and what time they are usually online. Otherwise, your posts may be unseen by many of the people are you are trying to attract

6. Reach out by liking and commenting on photos of other users.

Nobody wants be participating in a one-sided relationship on Instagram. If you want others to appreciate your posts, learn to appreciate theirs, too. It takes less than a second to reach out by liking or commenting on other people’s posts, but it will often leave a lasting impression.

7. Communicate with your audience

To engage your target audience further, you need to engage with them directly. Post content that asks questions and directly engages with the concerns or questions that your audiences have had within your industry. I am sure they will all love to respond. It is like hitting two birds with a stone– you leaving an impression and them giving you important insights.


The real measure of an engaged community is not by the number of followers you have but the level of engagement they feel with your brand. Numbers of likes and followers are not real means of measurement; you have to engage directly of your community to ensure that they will follow your brand long term on Instagram.

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