3 Reasons to Rely On FlexPod

The future of networking & storage solutions is in the hands of cloud computing- this little fact is almost an imperative thing that comes across the brains of people behind managed computing & network infrastructure as in the case of ANS Group Plc, the sole FlexPod premium partner in United Kingdom. Many IT Solutions Companies are sprouting around & trying to woo clients into their favor but logics behind choosing FlexPod, brought by ANS Group, are plenty as one can read ahead.


• ANS, as they put it, is the master player in the fields like data management both in-premises and cloud-based & quick recovery of storage in the times of disaster shortly after its inception in 1996. However, the biggest achievement that makes them the “unrivalled” IT Company in UK is to introduce, FlexPod, the ace technology unveiled by Cisco & NetApp through joint collaboration for solutions in storage, server components & networking issues. FlexPod is, according to its creators, a pretested flexible architecture that incorporates NetApp’s widely acclaimed storage systems & Cisco’s equally trusted Unified Computing System. The data centre platform, being pre-validated, is a robust system that increases the IT efficiencies of any business application by reducing the risks as well as converging faster deployment of infrastructure. The technology is also touted as being capable of scaling the future growth through its flexibility.

• The intricacies of data structure are on the rise now & they demand a greater care than ever before while handling & a secure & streamlined flow of quick technical responses in the spheres like shared infrastructure for uninterrupted performance. Any public sector domain e.g. banks or a private initiative can rely on the expertise the company offers without compromising on the security front as the services are all accredited by Cisco, Microsoft, NetApp and VMware. The deployment is not only anti-theft but also an environment-friendly approach courtesy to its virtualized storage that curtails on the proportions of physical requirements like power supply for operation & cooling. The successful installation of Nexus® fabric switches provides the infrastructure necessary processing power through separate components for hassle-free management.

• This ISO9001 Quality Management System certified IT Group always strives to excel for allowing the clients greater liberty while making choice from the services ala carte. Currently the available Flex Pods’ services, they offer, are Flex box 50, Flex box 250, and Flex box 500 & Flex box 1000 where the numeric parts denote the number of virtual devices that can be deployed with the eponymous technology. The company is also dexterous in coping with machines greater than 1000 units. The infrastructure can also efficiently handle a mind-staggering amount of data up to 2.7 PB post compression, which is aboutof the data Google handled in a day in 2009. Such powerful technical expertise also comes with the most sought-after “tailor-made” feature in terms of storage and network demands as the company acclimatize its deployment to the satisfaction of the customer.
The working mantra of this IT service provider promises to give a shot to every case in a purely holistic manner enabling you to sit back & move on your attention from technical nitty-gritty to what you do the best.  A state-of-the-art system followed up by simple restoration procedures make FlexPod, an integrated data platform, offered by ANS Group an inevitable choice for the Britons.

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