2015 RTB Marketing Predictions

The RTB (Real-Time Bidding) global market is growing as programmatic media buying and real-time bidding become more and more accepted every day. Maybe it is just a trend, but the fact that RTB marketing is so cost effective may be why advertisers are having a hard time ignoring it. Through 2015, both programmatic media buying and RTB marketing are going to become more mainstream.


Further growth of 41.18% is predicted


TechNavio have produced a report that covers 2014 to 2019, in which their analysts have created forecasts for the Global RTB market and how it will grow. One of their conclusions was that there would be an increase in demand for RTB-based Direct Ad Sales, and that the RTB market is set to grow by 41.18% from 2014 to 2019.


The most dynamic growth is set to happen in the mobile video advertising industry. Mobile video advertising is currently (now in 2015) the industry that is seeing the biggest impact from RTB. Programmatic buying and real-time bidding is growing at the fastest rate in the mobile video advertising industry, and it is unlikely that this trend is going to change over the rest of the year.


When YouTube alone is predicted to have a million minutes of video cross its network every second in 2018, it is easy to see why RTB is having such an impact in the online video industry. Cisco made the 2018 prediction for YouTube.


All-in-one advertising platforms will become more mainstream


This is a given because many consider RTB to be a fragmented advertising ecosystem that makes calculating ROI difficult and may result in poor targeting. As a result of these problems, all-in-one advertising platforms such as the GrowMobile solution will become more mainstream. Allowing advertisers to put marketing resources and multiple ad exchanges under a single hood is going to solve many of the problems that people have with RTB at the moment.


As a result of the seemingly inherent flaws in RTB, it is very likely that RTB platforms are going to become more efficient. The market is demanding easier and clearer RTB, and that is what providers are going to start providing.


Advertising technology companies will consolidate and merge


Throughout 2014 the mobile advertising market expanded faster than most people predicted. Facebook saw an increase of revenue of just under 62% from mobile ads. As a whole, the mobile marketing industry saw an increase in global ad spending on mobiles alone increase by 75%, which is roughly an increase of $32 billion. What were the results of this increase?


As a result, more and more companies have adopted RTB and an RTB platform. Ad networks have changed to buy pureplay mobile ad exchanges or adopt RTB, and we have seen mergers and consolidations in a trend that is going to continue through 2015. Millennial Media bought Jumptap and Nexage, Yahoo bought Flurry, and Twitter bought TapCommerce and NamoMedia. Most major companies and players are not going to start RTB from the ground up. They are going to merge with or purchase companies that already have their nose in it.

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