Simple Tricks to Boost Your YouTube Audience

YouTube is a great platform to be on, especially now that video content is more popular than ever. There are billions of users browsing through YouTube videos every day. Unfortunately, a lot of brands still focus on going viral more than building an audience.

Having a strong, loyal audience and targeting a specific segment on YouTube are both easy and difficult at the same time. It is difficult to gain traction and start attracting an audience, especially when you’re relatively new to the platform. Once you have a handful of viewers, however, reaching the next level should be fairly easy. The simple tricks we are about to discuss in this article will help you get started with boosting your YouTube channel audience.

Build a Character

The most successful YouTube channels are the ones with a personality or a character viewers can relate to. Take a look at the top YouTube channels and you’ll notice the same thing. People like Casey Neistat, Lewis from Unbox Therapy and of course the YouTube sensation PewDiePie are all very relatable and were quick to build a strong audience base.

Brands are taking the same route too. You can still market your brand and your business without relying on your branding or company logo to do all the hard work. Sun Bingo, for example, uses characters like Jean Martyn and Rustie Lee to make the company’s brand more relatable.

Listen and Engage

Viewers love it when you react to their suggestions, input and other engagements. The best way to quickly build a relationship with viewers is by listening to what they have to say. It starts with something as simple as taking the time to reply to the comments you get on your channel.

You can push this trick a step further by allowing the audience to interact directly with the content. For starters, it is easy to run a poll – by either hosting it on your site and placing the link on YouTube videos – and allowing users to dictate what they want to see next.

Contests and giveaways are also great for increasing user engagement. Don’t rely on YouTube’s Comments section though. Use tools like to help you expand your reach and attract more traffic quickly.

Pay Attention to Detail

Killer content is just one (rather small) part of a complex equation when it comes to YouTube videos. You have to take control over the details in order to reach and engage the right audience. Video production quality, sound and even metadata and tags all play important roles in determining how the audience will react to your videos.

Let’s take metadata as an example. The title you give to your videos, the description that comes with it and the tags you add when publishing the video on YouTube will determine if the right audience can find your content through searches and other sources. Be sure to craft every post to reach the right audience and you’ll have no trouble at all gaining the traction you need to succeed.

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