Nokia Smartphones V/S Samsung Smartphones

Samsung vs Nokia Smartphones

Rewinding a few years back into the past, when you would ask someone for the best mobile brand, there would only one name as an answer, Nokia. That was the impact this company from Finland had created. Nokia had more or less become the brand ambassador for the mobile phones itself. There were few other companies trying to take a better stand in the industry, but then there was not a single brand that had the capability topple Nokia off its strong stand. Then there was a turn of the tables, there was something that shook, there was something that racked Nokia’s back, the concept of phone that had to be smart, the phone that had to be powered by some operating system built for mobile phones. Google made a mark with introducing its mobile operating system, Android, 1.0 called The Éclair, this mobile operating system, managed to catch a few eyeballs, but Nokia decided to chuck Android out of its system and build its own mobile operating system for smart phones, Symbian.

This is where Nokia bit the buckle, when all the other companies like Samsung, Motorola decided to embrace Android as the operating system for its smart phones, Nokia decided to keep its nose held high. Symbian was more or less a disaster and Samsung slowly crept in between the curtains of time as it kept introducing smartphones where one was better than the other, and finally in the year last quarter of 2012, Samsung turned out Nokia of its position and emerged as the world leader in mobile manufacturing and later it toppled Apple off its throne as was crowned the world leader in the smartphone manufacturing as well.  And the fact that is before you today, is what you have seen, Samsung has the most number of shares in mobile phone and smart phone manufacturing in the world.

The competition doesn’t exist any longer; Samsung is indeed the best smartphone manufacturer in the world. Comparing Nokia’s smartphones with Samsung’s smartphone would be just a way to describe the credibility of Samsung as the world’s best smartphone manufacturer, while for Nokia it would be a synopsis of its downfall.

Nokia’s first smartphone powered by the Symbian S60 the Nokia 7650 was a total disaster in the industry, the phone was introduced and it had vanished before being noticed. It was running on a 104 MHz CPU and installed on a 4MB RAM. While Samsung’s first smartphone was a tablet shape with a touchscreen, this phone also bombed in the industry without making much revenue.


Nokia took a back seat as it continued to release its models on the Symbian versions, though the N-Series and its successor the E-series did make mark, it impact wasn’t as great. On the other hand Samsung just magnified the best of the features and Google worked on all it could to get a decent mobile operating system for Smartphones. In the meantime Samsung tried striking a deal with Microsoft for its next series of smartphones; it turned out to be a bigger disaster.

Later on,there was rage of sizzling sparks of success when Google introduced the next version of its mobile operating system Android 2.2 Froyo and Samsung’s collaboration with Google continued for this operating system too and there emerged the weapon that shook the market, Samsung Galaxy 551 powered by Android 2.2 Froyo and it hit the bull’s eye. After this with the next range of phone running on Android and all its versions, Samsung smartphones just rode the horses and went on the race, only to emerge as number one every time.

Today, Samsung’s smartphones are globally renowned, they are practically better than the Nokia smartphones that haven’t managed to garner any big number in the market. In fact Nokia did try to take a leap as it developed the next version of Symbian called Belle for its Asha series and that was not a great deal to strike either. Nokia’s Lumia series running on the 7.5 windows Mango also kept the spirits low for the consumers. And finally Nokia has introduced latest range of Nokia Lumia series powered by the Windows 8, which is better than the rest of its predecessors but it still stands no chance against the gigantic Samsung.

Samsung just made the best of its deal with Google, the smart phones it introduced later on, running on the later versions of Android like the 2.3 gingerbread, Android 2.4 ice-cream sandwich and Android 4 jellybean and its other successors like Android 4.1.1 and Android 4.1.2.

Basically Samsung Smartphones are very powerful running on processors ranging from 800 MHz to 1Ghz from dual core to quad core, very detail is accepted by the masses, the Samsung smartphones are said to be the best of the kind that has been ever produced with history of mobile manufacturing industry and the latest Samsung Galaxy SIV running on Android 4.1.2 is a jewel on Samsung’s crown, and it is now termed as the best of smartphones in the industry.


Abhishek write for 91mobiles and he blogs about latest and upcoming smartphones. Here he made a comparison between Nokia Smartphones and Samsung Smartphones.

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