iPage Website Builder vs. Wix – Which is Better for New Website Owners?

Over the past few years, online website builders have enjoyed an impressive surge in popularity. Thanks to clever marketing campaigns coupled with a simple, effective service designed to help even those with limited technical know-how turn out a professional looking website, leading platforms like Wix have continued to attract new customers seeking a viable alternative to more traditional methods of web design.



No doubt seeing how increasing numbers of website owners have begun opting for site builders, traditional hosting companies such as iPage have been getting in on the act too, incorporating free drag-and-drop editors into their core offer.

As industry leaders in their chosen markets, we thought it would be a good idea to compare Wix -highly regarded as one of the best website builders on the block– with the inhouse site builder which comes with iPage, a top affordable web hosting company.

Round 1: Storage and bandwidth

Let’s start with one of the more critical factors first, shall we? When you start to build a website, you’re going to need some storage space to host your files, and a sizeable amount of bandwidth in order to handle your incoming traffic.

As you can imagine, the more of both you have in an individual package, the better off you’ll be as your site grows.

WIth iPage’s $1.99 (roughly £1.31) per month which is a shared hosting plan, you can enjoy unlimited storage space and bandwidth, whilst with Wix, you’re looking at £7.76 per month for unlimited bandwidth, though that package still only comes with 10GB of storage.

In that case, we have to award round 1 to iPage.

Round 2: Domain names

If you’ve to have any real chance of success with your new website, you’re likely going to need your own domain name, such as a .com, .co.uk or .org. Not only is yourcompany.com easier for your visitors to remember than a sub-domain of a website builder’s URL, it looks a hell of a lot more professional, something which is vitally important if you’re to present the best possible image to your potential new customers.

Again, we have to give the nod to iPage here, since there’s a free one-year’s domain registration included in their shared plan. Over at Wix, your cheapest option for domain names is the £5.16 combo package. Alternatively, if you already have your own domain name, you can connect it to your site by paying the web building company £2.55 per month.

Round 3: Templates

Finally, Wix scores a comeback blow with its vast selection of beautiful, professionally designed and responsive web templates. There’s literally hundreds available, with something to suit any kind of website imaginable.

By comparison, iPage still has a large choice of templates, though not quite on the same scale -or quality- as Wix.

The only plus side to iPage website builder over Wix in this round is that, with the latter, once you’ve selected a template, you’re unable to choose a different oone if you decide you don’t like it.

Round 4: Ease of use

The point for usability has to go to iPage, which actually uses Weebly’s highly intuitive user-interface as its drag-and-drop editor.

To be fair, this was a close one, as Wix isn’t too difficult to get to grips with either, but having spent a good amount of time on both platforms, we found iPage’s Weebly web builder easier to use.

Round 5: Cost

Though it may be too little, too late for Wix to claw back a victory, we have to go give them our final point for costs.

Yes, at first glance, iPage does seem cheaper, with its lowest cost $1.99 plans a few pounds cheaper than Wix’s, but here’s where the latter pulls back a surprising counter-move; it costs the same to renew long term as it does for the first term.

On the flipside, once you’ve used up your first term, you’ll find that iPage isn’t as cheap as it first seemed, as, unlike Wix’s permanently fixed pricing, iPage’s plans increase in cost after the first term.

Your Winner: iPage website builder

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