Great Advantages Of Using Dedicated Servers

Small and large businesses need an online presence and this is impossible without a website host. Shared hosting always stands out because of the fact that it is very affordable but the resources of one server end up being shared by countless websites, which can lead to many different problems. Nowadays, you can choose cheap dedicated servers that are very good and there is no way to deny the fact that they are better. This is due to some clear advantages that have to be understood.

All Server Resources Are Your Own

As you use the services of a dedicated provider, all server resources are your own. There is no need to worry about the fact that other websites are clogging up RAM and CPU. With the use of a dedicated server, no bad scripts run on another site and lead to bandwidth usage spikes. The server is not going to be slowed down.

Enhanced Security And Performance

The dedicated host practically guarantees that the website has maximum uptime. With shared hosting, you can only really accommodate up to medium site traffic. In the event that the website receives much traffic, the dedicated server is preferred because it offers more reliability and stability. You will never share web space and resources with a spammer or a website that is malicious. Instant access to enhanced security is gained.


Using a dedicated server means you have the flexibility of fully customizing your server, based on your unique needs in terms of software, disk space, RAM and CPU. The shared hosting option means you are limited to the operating environment that is already on the server. This means you might lack some things or you might have software that is not needed.

A Unique IP Address

Every server comes to the table with a unique IP address. In the shared hosting case, you need to share one IP with many different sites. When the server includes a site that spams or an adult website, the rank of your site is pushed down. As you use dedicated hosting, you have just one IP address that can be used for a single site.

Lack Of Extra Overhead

When you need to use a dedicated server but you cannot manage it properly because of a lack of resources or time, you can reduce overhead because you do not have to actually maintain the equipment or buy something new.

Final Thoughts

Shared hosting stands out as being really affordable and dedicated hosting is more expensive. However, there is no way to deny the fact that one is more advantageous than the other. While you can get away with using shared options when you first launch your site, as it grows and starts to gain more traffic, it is mandatory that you focus on dedicated options. They will simply be a lot better and they offer much more than the alternatives. Always consider dedicated servers first since they are 100% better, but you need to use them when you are serious about the business.

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