Four Online Payment Systems That Work for Bloggers

While retail and e-commerce sites still are the ones that make the majority of the income online these days, bloggers are beginning to use various online payment systems to enhance their sites and add to their income. Writing a blog takes time and as anyone can tell you who has ever freelanced, time is always money. But for many who want to enter the lucrative world of product blogging, the ability to actually sell as well as write may be seen as a big hurdle to cross. That doesn’t have to be true and to prove it to you, here are four ways that a blogger with a minimal amount of web savvy can turn their writing hobby into a source of income. At the least it may help to get you out of your Mom’s basement.


One Time Payment Systems

This is probably the easiest online payment system to setup for anyone who is primarily a blogger. If the client has a PayPal account this can easily be done directly through this system. It can be done through their credit card, directly from their bank account or they can be invoiced for later payment. All of these are done through the website without any need of any kind of online web billing system that would be embedded into your site. For easy simple purchases such as knitters selling knitting patterns or authors selling e-books directly, this is a simple transaction to create. There is a setup fee as well as a fee for each transaction that is a small percentage of each sale.

Sending Out Online Invoices

There are a number of ways that you can invoice your clients directly. Many banks will allow you to send out and invoice from your account to theirs, if you have their email address. This works a great deal like a bank transfer or wire, and the fees are nominal. You can also invoice through such online payment systems as PayPal or even email an invoice directly that is paid via check or credit card. This may take more time and effort but has the advantage of having a clear paper trail for your accounts.

Online Payment Systems for Subscriptions

Creating a subscription styled payment plan is a good way to create an ongoing flow of income, even if it is in smaller increments. Many credit cards will allow you to set up automatic monthly subscription payments either through your bank or through an online payment account. While you can also do this via PayPal, the costs may make it prohibitive for small businesses.

Shopping Carts and Buy Now Buttons

Of course the best way to do all of this is with one of those big blue Buy Now buttons to entice your site visitors. The button will redirect them to a shopping cart where they can choose to purchase, adds in the cost of delivery if there is one and gives them an option in how they want to pay for it. Many shopping carts and plug and play as part of a site, so they can be quite easy to set up and run.

Any one of these methods can work for your blog, it is just a question of what kind of payments you need and how much work you are willing to do. Now go out and write that great blog that will keep your visitors happy and the paychecks rolling in!

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