Apple’s Stance and Potential Low-cost Polycarbonate iPhone Pictured

Whenever we think of, or picture ourselves with an iPhone, or any Apple product to be fair, we end up thinking user friendly, simple yet high-end, and expensive. Now this is a fair schema to say the least and the folks over at Apple Corp have made sure that these particular notions remains in the minds of all smartphone users.

But as various companies are trying to tap into the mid-range smartphone user market, we see a variety of budget phones and tablets being set to launch. Of course, this is appealing in numerous ways. Users can get the best of a good company at reasonable prices without a dent on their wallets, fear of iPhone spy and clear consciences.

Perhaps keeping this in mind, Apple is attempting to come out of its usual niche and be a little more altruistic in its approach to selling smartphone devices. It really does seem to be about time that Apple made this move if we look at it from a competitive standpoint. Apple is still a strong company but its release of the iPhone 5 has left many questioning its capability to cope with user needs and customer satisfaction. It’s also important to note that Samsung (Apple’s biggest competitor in terms of mobile manufacturing), an Android running company, has a number of mid-range phones available.

Android is the iOS’s biggest competitor in terms of Operating System, which users can avail in the form of a multitude of various set designs through makers such as HTC even. With all this happening around Apple, a budgeted smartphone would probably do wonders rather than hurt the company’s image as some tech pundits have warned.

The rumors of Apple’s releasing a budget phone have been churning mills for some time now and recently some pictures have been released that might well be the latest addition to the iOS family. According to Tactus (a case manufacturing company), by the looks of it the set comes with a uniform polycarbonate shell.

Now, this is radically different from the sleek and shiny aluminum look that the iPhone 5 sports but nonetheless seems modern enough as well as prestigious. By the looks of it, the plastic shell might very well measure at 9.4-0.6mm thick and 120mm in height, 62-65mm in width. This size is actually taller as well as wider than the iPhone 4 and 4S sets, making the new set intriguing to look at/hold if nothing else. Further, Tactus even claims that the set will wield an A5 processor like the iPad mini. To throw in some extra fun and flavor, the set is supposed to arrive in an array of colors, including black, white, blue, red, and yellow.

Now whether this photo and rumor accompanying it in fact are to be released is yet to be known. The company has always denied such rumors and stuck to their stance that low budget phones are not its future. But the future of smartphones seems to be user dictated and it may very well be that Apple is to soon succumb to emerging markets. Let’s wait and see.

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